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5 Advantages of Using a Public Adjuster on Water Damage Insurance Claims in South Florida

Water Damage and Public Adjusters

It seems that if you haven’t been affected by water damage lately, someone you know has. Most insurance companies are sticklers when it comes to handling water damage caused by a natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances. If your homeowners insurance policy is supposed to cover any damages caused by water, but you are finding it difficult to collect on your claim It’s time to involve a public adjuster

Why Do You Need A Public Adjuster?

All insurance companies have the advantage when you file a claim for any kind of damage. That’s why you need an informed, public, licensed adjuster, who has the resources and knowledge to help you figure out your policy. He will assess the damage to your property and use negotiating methods to help you get a fair settlement through your homeowners insurance claim.

Your Claim May Be Worth More Than You Think

Even though initially you may think that the water damage incurred only warrants a small claim, an adjuster may find damage that goes deep beneath the surface.  For instance, he may find that mold is showing up in places not visible to you. Hidden damages mean that your claim should be expanded to include damages that are not yet apparent but will soon be.

Insurance Companies Have Their Own Adjusters

Whether you know it or not, insurance companies have their own adjusters. Obviously these adjusters have the insurance company’s best interest in mind and will do all that they can to keep compensation on a water damage, homeowners insurance claim to a minimum.  Your licensed adjuster will be your advocate and act as a detective to find all the damages that you should be compensated for.

Hire A Licensed Public Adjuster

Your adjuster will be conscientious and driven to get the results you have coming to you. He will assess what damages have occurred in a methodical way based on the damages done, the replacement costs involved and apply them to the terms contained in your homeowners policy.

If you’re fighting your insurance company for compensation for water damages to your property, gain peace of mind and the compensation you deserve.

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