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5 Important Things You Should Know About Homeowners Insurance Claim

With the process of filing claims for homeowners insurance there are many facts that one should know. First thing, that someone should do before a disaster, theft; damage etc is taking a look at your policy before even filing your claim. Is your coverage adequate for the type of coverage you will need? Sometimes what is a very good idea is to take pictures of your contents in your home so if you have a loss this will help you remember what you owned.

Filing a claim needs to be done promptly with an insurance agent. One should determine the policies terms also what the deductible is. Normally paperwork will come before anyone comes knocking on the door. Be specific in your details. How much will one get from the insurance company? This totally depends on if the person who is filing is has a cash value policy or a replacement policy. One will not always get the amount of money that they were expecting from the Insurance Company. By any chance if one has to move out of the home, sometimes Insurance Companies will pay for temporary living. Not all Insurance Companies will do this. It is best to find out before anything happens. Nobody wants to be homeless because their insurance company doesn’t provide temporary living.  

It seems pretty simple to file for home insurance. Your house gets damaged, you file a claim and later on you will receive a check. It is really that easy though? Not really. The first call is very important and plays a huge roll in filing your claim and ultimate payment. It is important not to lie to your insurance company, but one should make it clear and think of the best ways to phrase things. Sometimes people say things that make their claim denied or delayed. Don’t ever guess. Do not say “I don’t know.” Bringing up the issue can be a problem. Don’t emphasize that you need the money. Emphasizing that you need the money as soon as possible usually makes the Insurance Company feel that one would need the money for another reason.

There are interesting facts one should know about water damage. Homeowner’s policies don’t cover flood damage but they do cover other types of water damage. Sometimes in a total loss, the check received will be paid to you, other times the company that owns the mortgage.

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