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Benefits of a Florida Public Adjuster Advocating Your Insurance Claim

Many people assume that their Florida insurance company exists to protect them in the event of a costly or catastrophic loss. The truth, however, is that insurance companies actively work to minimize expenses wherever possible, including any compensation to which you may be entitled after damage occurs to your home or building. That’s why Florida public adjusters are so important — to advocate for you, getting you the result you need to pay for all necessary repairs.

When damage occurs to your Florida home or business, it can be an emotional and disorienting time in your life. This typically is not the ideal time make long-term financial decisions, and insurance companies know it. Every property insurance policy has hundreds of clauses and stipulations that you cannot be expected to know or understand, especially during a period of great stress.

Insurance claims adjusters typically provide compensation that falls well short of covering the actual costs of making repairs to a property. This is part of a strategy that insurance companies have been using since at least the 1980s to save money and boost profits. Fortunately, public adjusters are there to advocate for the consumer, leveraging their experience and knowledge in the insurance industry.

Public adjusters are trained in all aspects of home and business property insurance, and they’re there to represent you as you file your insurance claim in Florida. These professionals will help you through the insurance claim process from start to finish, including assessing and appraising the damage to your property and negotiating with your insurance company to get a fair payout.

A public adjuster can also help provide a thorough inspection of the damaged property, collect evidence, prepare your claim, review your insurance policy and determine a fair amount for the replacement or repair of any damaged items. Public adjusters do the legwork, ensuring that the insurance company plays fair and provides you with the compensation you deserve under your policy.

If your home or building has been damaged due to a storm, burst pipe, leaky roof, vandalism or another issue, consult a public adjuster as soon as possible. This will give you a better chance at a fair result and prevent the insurance companies from taking advantage of you at a vulnerable time.

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