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Filing a Claim with State Farm Florida Insurance Company

Why Give them an Opportunity to Deny your Claim When you Can
Call a Qualified Public Adjuster First for an Improved Insurance Claim Experience

Imagine that you’re cruising along enduring yet another Florida Hurricane Season, which runs through the hottest dog days beginning June 1st and ending when the cooler weather finally kicks in on November 30. You notice that the storms traversing the Atlantic are coming at a faster clip and many of them are being named because they’re big enough to be called Tropical Storms. They’ve got some catchy names this season, including Alberto, Beryl, Chris and Debby.

And bam! All of a sudden Hurricane Ernesto is headed our way and the race is on to get to Home Depot to buy batteries for the radio, plywood to cover the windows and the grocery store for bread, milk canned goods, water and other hurricane supplies. You gas up the vehicles and get cash from the ATM. You’ve managed to get ready in a breakneck pace of frantic running around. So now, you’re all prepared.

Because you aren’t located in the evacuation zone, your entire family is home when the storm hits and you make every effort to remain calm and reassuring for your family members. “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine,” you say repeatedly, while thinking to yourself that you hope everything really is fine. You stick your head out during that calm time when the eye of the storm is passing, but the real story is told when it’s all over. Morning breaks and the sun rises and it couldn’t be a nicer day, except for the fact that a tree has fallen onto your house and an entire section of your roof is literally blown away.

So, now you pick up your cellphone to make that all important call, to your insurance company which happens to be State Farm Florida Insurance Company. But wait! You remember that one of your best friends told you they used Advocate Claim Public Adjusters and they received a much larger settlement without all the stress.

You remember the public insurance adjuster’s name: Steve Venook. Since the electricity is out, you’re relieved that you find his company fast using your Smart phone. It’s Advocate Claims Public Adjusters and his number is 954-369-0573. You call him and he guides you through what turns out to be a seamless process of getting a generous and fair insurance settlement. You don’t need to pay him a penny until he gets you the settlement. What a great deal and you’re a hero because you remembered to contact Advocate Claims Public Adjusters.

For more information on how to file your Florida claim with State Farm Insurance Company or to contact Steve Venook click on Public Adjusters South Florida

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