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Filing a Florida Claim with St. John’s Insurance Company, Inc.

Before Filing a Claim Call a Qualified Public Adjuster First

With more than 175,000 property insurance policies in force in Florida, St. John’s Insurance Company is the fourth largest carrier in the state. Not as well known as other large carriers, St. John’s Insurance Company operates solely in Florida and Georgia. According to the company’s Website, St. Johns Insurance Company was established in 2003, is headquartered in Orlando, and is a privately-held Florida company specializing in homeowners’ insurance products and services.

If you are a customer of St. John’s Insurance  Company living in Florida, you may find yourself in the unfortunate position of weathering a bad storm that damaged your house. Or you might have experienced a plumbing leak or a fire in your home or commercial property. If one of these or the many other types of property damaging events occurs, your first impulse is probably to go online to the St. John’s Website to the page about filing a claim.

When you visit that page, you will undoubtedly be overwhelmed to learn the staggering amount of responsibility that the insurance company puts on your shoulders. Before you get too involved in all of these complicated things, why not let the expert handle your claim, an expert who is on your side, instead of the side of the insurance company? You wouldn’t call the IRS to file your taxes. Why call the insurance company to handle your claim? Think about it. They aren’t on your side! They’re much more interested in their own bottom line!

Call Advocate Claims Public Adjusters instead. The role of public adjusters is to navigate the complexities of filing a claim. With them handling your claim, you can relax and be totally assured that your claim will receive the maximum level of attention and care. With the personalized service provided by Advocate Claims Public Adjusters’ principal Steven Venook, you will receive a fair settlement, or you don’t have to pay him a penny. That’s right. No settlement. No fee. No fooling.

According to Mr. Venook, St. Johns has removed the consumer’s right to go to the appraisal process. If a policyholder has a claim dispute it might take years in litigation to settle.

For more information on how to file your Florida claim with St. John Insurance Comapny or to contact Steven Venook click on Public Adjusters South Florida

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