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Filing a Florida Claim with Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

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Created in 2002 from two existing state-backed insurance pools, Citizens Property is now Florida’s largest property insurer with nearly 1.5 million policies with almost 24% of Florida homes, condos and businesses insured. Most of these policies are properties located in South Florida. Unlike other insurance companies, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is a non-profit company, run by an eight-person board of governors appointed by the Governor and other Florida officials.

The Florida Legislature voted to make Citizens Insurance to compete with private homeowner insurance companies and to allow Citizens to sell insurance to businesses in Florida. As the state-backed insurer, Citizens can charge all Florida property and automobile insurance policyholders to make up for deficits after catastrophes.

When you need to file a claim for property damage, it is often best to talk with a public insurance adjuster first. Why? Because a public insurance adjuster works for you, not the insurance company. “While it should be obvious that this is the better course of action, many people are so brain-washed to call their insurance company immediately, that they don’t realize that there is another approach to making a claim,” says Steven Venook, founder of Advocate Claims Public Adjusters, a Florida company that works diligently to maximize insurance settlements for both home- and business owners.

Filing insurance claims can be quite a complicated proposition when done correctly. Depending upon the type of claim – water damage, mold damage, hurricane and wind damage, fire and smoke damage, roof damage, vandalism, theft, lightening – Advocate Claims applies an entire arsenal of tools to quantify, estimate and document all types of damages and get the most out of the financial settlement. 

Venook adds, “what’s more, if we don’t recover a settlement, you don’t pay a dime. There is never an advance cost to you!”

For more information on how to file your Florida Claim with Citizen Property Insurance or to contact Steven Venook click on Public Adjusters South Florida

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Information Source: Sun Sentinel

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