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Don’t Fall for Unlicensed Public Adjusters in Florida

When damage occurs to your home due to a severe storm, burst pipe, leaky roof, vandalism or some other disaster, it’s difficult to know where to turn for help. You may be weary about going directly to your insurance company, as there’s no guarantee you’ll receive fair compensation to cover the necessary repairs.

In these times, it’s common for home or business owners to feel desperate, and if someone comes along claiming to have expertise in helping file insurance claims in Florida, they have the tendency to jump at the opportunity.

However, before you work with just any public adjuster, it’s important to do your research. While licensed public adjusters can be incredibly helpful when filing a homeowners’ insurance claim, unlicensed public adjusters are often fraudsters out to take advantage of people when they’re most vulnerable.

One of the common ways this situation comes up is when contractors, who have already examined the damage to your home, offer to work with your insurance company on your behalf to help get the maximum compensation for you. However, if they are unlicensed they probably don’t have the knowledge or skill to do so — and furthermore they are likely to put their own interests ahead of yours.

It’s bad enough that working with an unlicensed public adjuster could result in you getting an unfair amount of compensation from your insurer, but this issue actually impacts the entire insurance industry. Dealing with these unqualified public adjusters also costs insurance providers more money, which gets passed on to consumers and results in ever-higher premiums.

To be sure, no one wins when home and business owners hire unlicensed public adjusters to handle their claims.

Go with the true professionals

On the other hand, a licensed public adjuster can be an extremely valuable resource when you need to file an insurance claim in Florida. These professionals know the insurance industry inside and out, and help to ease much of the anxiety you’re feeling after damage occurs to your property.

A public adjuster is trained and certified to serve as your advocate during this process, working to get you the most compensation possible to restore your home or property to its original condition. You can save a lot of time and hassle on your part, while having our claim resolved much more quickly than if you let your insurance adjuster handle it. 

When damage occurs to your home or business in south Florida, be sure to speak with a public adjuster for the personal attention and sound guidance you need.

The licensed public adjusters at Advocate Claims assist clients throughout Florida, including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, Hollywood, Boca Raton and the surrounding communities. Call 1-954-369-0573 or contact us online today. 

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