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Identifying Common Forms of Storm Damage in Florida

Major storms are just a part of life here in Florida, and most homes and buildings in our state have experienced torrential rains and heavy winds at some point in their lives. So, needless to say that storm damage in Florida is something you come to expect as a homeowner. 

If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to examine your property after a storm to see if any damage has occurred. This starts with the roof, but should also include various other parts of your property. There are a number of areas that may have sustained significant damage, but it might not be apparent unless you conduct a comprehensive look.


When assessing the storm damage to your roof, examine the shingles. With most shingle materials, you can spot damage fairly quickly, as there may be split seams, cracks or missing shingles. All of these issues can leave your roof exposed and result in more extensive damage and leaks later on.


Damage to your windows might be more noticeable, especially with wind blowing through your house. However, be extra sure to also check windows in lesser-used areas of your home, such as garages or spare bedrooms. Even if you don’t feel a breeze, be on the lookout for cracks in the glass or damage to the windowpanes — when left untended, the damage to these areas can increase over time until they finally break.

We’ve been fortunate to avoid major hurricanes in Florida over the past several years, but that doesn’t mean other types of storms cannot cause damage to your property. When you inspect your home afterward and discover damage, be sure to speak with a public adjuster to make sure the full extent of the damage is assessed properly and that you can receive the highest amount of compensation possible from your insurance company.

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