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Gambling with Your Parkland Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

As a homeowner you likely trust that your Parkland homeowners’ insurance policy was fully explained to you, that it hasn’t changed over time and that it offers adequate coverage in case of a disaster. However, studies show that most policyholders don’t periodically review their policies, and in fact may not even be sure of their actual coverage.

If you fall into this category, it’s important to avoid some of the most common mistakes uninformed policyholders can make. Consider the following:

1)      Learn your limits: Do you know how much damage your home could actually sustain in the event of a storm, burst pipe, vandalism or other issues? Coming up with an accurate dollar amount may surprise you. Ensure that your policy limit offers adequate coverage so that you won’t be left responsible for these costs.

2)      Invest in comprehensive coverage: Many homeowners unaware that disasters like earthquakes, floods and sewer backups usually are not covered by a standard homeowners’ policy. Investing in a separate package at a reasonable rate will prevent you from having to potentially cover tens of thousands of dollars of damage on your own.

3)      Inform your insurance company of changes: Consumers often forget to notify their insurance company of changes to property ownership, such as putting their home in a trust, or needlessly hiding valuable assets out of fear of higher premiums. However, such misinformation could invalidate an entire policy on the basis that it conflicts with the original information you provided.

Even when you’re aware of what you might not know, insurance policies can be very tough to truly understand. Fortunately, state-licensed public adjusters in Florida offer professional guidance and work solely on your behalf, independent from your insurance company.

Take the time to educate yourself

Most homeowners simply don’t have the time and resources to deal with the insurance claims process on top of the stress and logistical difficulties home damage has already added to their daily lives. A public adjuster has both the time and the knowledge necessary to negotiate the settlement you need and deserve, even if you have a complex policy or reluctant insurance adjuster.

Insurance policies also tend to include a lot of confusing language, which may cause consumers to buy policies that don’t fit their needs or avoid filing a claim in the event of a disaster. A public adjuster will guide you through a policy or claim, explaining the coverage you’re actually getting and pointing out the loopholes that inevitably exist.

Expedite the process

Unfortunately, the claims process can take a long time. Customers are conditioned to expect this, but a public adjuster will help keep the process on the right track. Be sure to speak with an experienced Florida public adjuster if you need to examine your policy or file an insurance claim.

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