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How To File A South Florida Homeowners Insurance Claim

There are certain measures you can take to protect your house, however these options are limited and in some cases are useless against the destructive power of nature. A severe storm or a hurricane, which rushes throughout the country, can wreck your entire house. These are the cases many people buy insurance for.

If damage has been done, you have to file a homeowner’s insurance claim which will lead to you receiving compensation. All insurance policies are different and they all do not all have the same insurance coverage’s. Each insurance company handles their claims differently. There are a few simple things you can do to speed up and protect your insurance claim. First and foremost it is to contact your public adjuster right away.  Your public adjuster with photo and or video tape your damages before you through away any claim evidence. Second, Only make temporary repairs to your structure to stop further damage from occurring and keep all related receipts of your out of pocket costs. Third, if you house is not livable, find a temporary place to live, so you can protect yourself and your family.

Fourth, the insurance claim experience is not what you see on TV commercials from the insurance companies self promoting hyped up advertising. 

Insurance companies like to get you a small pittance of money in the beginning of the claim. Trying to put you at ease and gain your confidence in them.  Getting the first moneys may be easy? Then watch out!  Once, you find out what your damages really cost, then the game of delaying your full recovery begins.

Don’t sit back for months and years while the insurance companies are financially prospering. Avoid the insurance company Gamesmanship of the insurance claim system that they devised.

When filing for a homeowners insurance claim, contacting a public adjuster can help alleviate your stress. This is someone who is an advocate of the insured helping them in claiming their justifiable compensation. Being a professional they can point the benefits that your are legally entitled to under your insurance policy. 

So if damage has been done it is important to file for homeowners insurance claim as soon as possible, create footage, then seek the help of a licensed advocate this way you can maximize compensation from your insurance company.

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