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Public Adjuster Help You To Maximize Your Property Damage Insurance Claim

For homeowners and commercial property owners, building structural damage is a serious issue to deal with.The handling of a structural insurance claim is a complex process. Public adjusters can be instrumental in helping you to maximize your property damage insurance claims recovery.

Role of the Public Adjuster

A public adjuster is essentially insurance claims professional whose role is to advocate for policyholders. Services public adjusters provide can include reading the insurance policy, reviewing your insurance coverage, damage assessment, preparing a detailed estimate, preparing all claim documents, and then negotiating with the adjuster for the insurance company.

Just as a plaintiff’s or defendant’s need an attorney to represent them in a court case, the state licensed Public Adjuster represents individual homeowners and commercial property owners.

In the case of building structure damage, a public adjuster is most useful in properly identifying and estimating the complete value of a loss, in order to maximize an insurance claim for the policyholder.

Public Adjuster Representation

In building structure damage insurance claims, homeowners and other property owners need a public adjuster so that their interests are represented properly. Insurance companies usually have in-house attorneys, as well as outside law firms who diligently work to minimize their client’s liability on insurance claims. As such, a typical homeowner or commercial property owner is automatically under-served. The public adjuster will work to ensure that all aspects of the claim are reported properly, so that homeowners and commercial property owners are adequately represented.

Maximizing Insurance Claims using Public Adjuster Services in South Florida

The public adjuster uses technology and the latest techniques to investigate building structure damage. As the adjuster is dedicated to assisting home and commercial property owners, so that their main focus is on ensuring that insurance claims include every aspect of the case. Independent insurance adjusters and company staff adjusters do not typically represent the policy holder’s best interests, because their job is to limit the insurance company’s policy’s pay out. Plus their job is not to help the policyholder meet the conditions that are imposed by the insurance contract on the insured.

Cost of Hire a Public Ajuster in South Florida

The cost to hire a public adjuster in a building structure damage claim is well worth it. Generally, only a percentage of the settlement will be charged. When you consider the fact that insured’s who are not represented almost never recover the full amount of their insurance claim benefits, the cost for a public adjuster becomes a minor issue.

Homeowners and other property owners confronting building structure damage are best served to enlist the services of a public adjuster to handle their insurance claims. In this way, you will have a better chance that your claim will be handled professionally and expeditiously, for the best level of financial recovery. 

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