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Know When To File A Homeowner’s Insurance Claim In South Florida

When disaster strikes causing unexpected property damage to your home, condominium, commercial building. Weather from a hurricane, pipe burst, vandals or even worse a fire. Having to wait even one day to make a homeowner’s insurance claim is one day too many when your life is falling apart.  Those in South Florida have very interesting insurance dilemma. You simply cannot live here without paying top dollar for your insurance.  The odds are high that one day you will have to use that insurance to make a homeowners insurance claim. The problem is, if it is a major catastrophic event everyone else is making a homeowners insurance claim at the same time. For this reason you need a public adjuster to represent you.

The insurance company will send their own adjuster. You need to have one that is on our side fighting for your claim rights. The insurance companies exist to make money. They are going to give you the least amount possible. A public adjuster will fight to make sure you get everything you need to completely repair your home.

A public adjuster will do all of the paperwork for you and guide you through the insurance claim process.  Preparing and handling your insurance claim from start to finish!  A good public adjuster has years of experience to help explain your insurance policy, before the disaster strikes making sure you have the coverage that you need before you ever have a claim,

As a homeowner in Florida you should act before tragedy strikes. Research, find and secure a public adjuster before you actually need them. Also, make sure that your homeowners insurance is up to date so you won’t have any bad surprises when it is time you have to file an insurance claim.

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