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Stop Mayhem, Hire Public Adjuster in South Florida

What is a public adjuster? A public insurance adjuster, or public claims adjuster, is a professional who represents the property owner when a property insurance claim is filed. They help you prepare, file and adjust your property claims. They are employees of you, the policyholder, and therefore owe their loyal to you, not your insurance company. Types of Adjusters

Independent Adjuster

  • When you file your insurance claim for your home or business property, your insurance company will assign an “independent adjuster” to your case.
  • Usually overworked and does not have the time to look for everything you may be entitled to.
  • Works for your insurance company, who is their priority, not you and your needs.

Public Adjuster South Florida

  • Hired by you and works directly for you.
  • Paid a percentage of the settlement, contingent upon you receiving a settlement.
  • It is in their best interest to try to get you as much for your claim as possible.
  • They are there to protect your rights.

Benefits of Public Adjusters

If you have ever tried to read you insurance policy, you know that unless you are an insurance professional, it can be very confusing. You must be able to understands how your insurance provider applies the outrageous amounts of clauses in your insurance policy. Your public adjuster will interpret the policy for you and explain the terms to you in non-technical insurance lingo.

You can try to prepare and file your own claim, but it’ll be painstaking. A professional public adjuster is on the same level as your insurance company when it comes to the skills needed to file a claim. They prepare, file and adjust homeowner and business insurance claims everyday. They have the proper education, tools and software needed to file your claim right the first time.

Hire a Professional Public Adjuster

For homeowners, hiring a professional public adjuster can be the difference between your claim being denied and getting the settlement that you deserve. As a business owner, it’s more efficient to hire a professional. Why try to tackle building codes and structural damage policies on your own?

Hiring a professional advocate frees you up to continue conducting your own business, instead of having to learn the insurance business. If you are a property owner dealing with property damage caused by natural disasters or building structure damage, you can stop the mayhem by hiring a professional to help you fight for your rights.

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