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Hurricane Isaac Insurance Claims Preparation Checklist

With Hurricane Isaac potentially on our doorstep, now is the time to get ready in case your home is damaged from the storm. Even if Hurricane Isaac passes over the Keys severe weather can still effect parts of Miami and Broward County and across to Naples and Fort Myers. So take 5 minutes to review this list will make sure in the event of the claim you know what to do.

Hurricane Isaac

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do photograph your damage ideally get dated photographs before the damage.
    Don’t rely on the insurance company or independent adjuster to photograph your damages for you.
  2. Do protect your house after the storm by putting a tarp on the roof or removing water from your home, condominium or building.
    Don’t make any repairs, other than temporary repairs.
  3. Don’t throw any personal belongings away even with photographs.
    Do store the items and keep them for a future inspection.
  4. Don’t think after the adjuster inspects your damage your claim is completed.
    Do expect that their was much damaged that may have been missed by the adjuster.
  5. Don’t worry about getting three estimates from contractors.
    Do get a thorough inspection done by a licensed public insurance adjuster.
  6. Do get a copy of your complete insurance policy.
    Don’t think the declaration page is your complete insurance policy.
  7. Do expect a full and complete settlement to take months.
    Don’t expect your insurance company to settle your claim with you overnight.
  8. Don’t rush in to signing any contracts with contractors.
  9. Don’t think general contractors, restoration contractors or roofers can negotiate your insurance claim. It is prohibited for anybody other then YOU, ATTORNEY, or PUBLIC ADJUSTER to settle insurance claims.
  10. Do hire a public insurance adjuster if you don’t think you the knowledge, experience, or expertise to handle your own insurance claim.

If you need help with your Hurricance Isaac Insurance Claim contact Steven Venook at Advocate Claims Public Adjusters today.

Add Steven’s contact information to your cell phone now so you know who to call after the hurricane if you don’t have power to look on the internet.

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