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You Shouldn’t File Your Own Miami Fire Insurance Claim

It’s difficult to imagine anything being more terrifying than fire engulfing your property. The damage that results from fire is certainly among the most destructive types of property damage that can happen.

Perhaps you have incurred a fire at your residential or commercial property. And, as the holder of an insurance policy, you believe that it’s time to report the fire to your insurance company. Or is it? You may be surprised to learn that reporting the fire to your insurance company, or making the fire insurance claim is not something that you, a layperson, should do on your own.

Different types of fires produce different types of damage, depending upon the type of smoke that fire produced. Whether it was a wet or dry fire, an electrical or grease fire, with fuel, oil or soot residuals left behind after it was extinguished, fire is a more complex type of damage than the uninitiated can imagine.

Where do you start? What should you do? The best possible answer I can give you is to call a Miami public insurance adjuster. My name is Steven Venook, I am a public insurance adjuster, and my company, Advocate Claims Public Adjuster, Inc. specializes in filing insurance claims on behalf of our clients all over the Miami area and throughout the entire State of Florida.

Why should you have me file your miami fire insurance claim, when the insurance company seems to make it so easy for you to do it yourself? Simple! I can ensure you get a fair and equitable settlement for your insurance claim. Something that you may find very hard to do on your own. The insurance company’s main goal is to better the bottom line profits of the company. In order to do this, they figure out all sorts of ways to lowball your settlement.

One of their practices is to send someone to make an estimate for repairs, but remember they work for the insurance company, not you. The insurance company will most often only offer you the cheapest of repair options. As an experienced public insurance adjuster, I work on your behalf, I come and make the estimates to make sure you get a fair and reasonable settlement to repair your fire damage.

Before opening my public insurance adjustment service, I worked for five years for large insurance companies. During that time, I learned how they function to minimize settlements to their claimants when they incur damages of whatever kind to their residential or commercial properties.

I know all their tricks and can beat them at their own game. What’s more, you don’t pay me a dime until I get you a settlement. So, contact me, Steven Venook, to handle your next Miami fire insurance claim. Call 1-954-369-0573.

If you need help with your fire damage insurance claim contact Advocate Claims Public Adjusters today.

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