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Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim Tips

It pays to be prepared for a hurricane, even it only passes us by in South Florida. Large storm systems can dump huge quantities of water on to surrounding areas testing and finding any weakness in your roof and property.

  • Be a smart policy holder! Take photographs of your home, condominium, building, business and all your belongings before there is any damage.
  • Only make temporary emergency repairs after the Hurricane. Not even after the adjuster has inspected your damages until you have written confirmation of your loss.
  • Don’t throw any damaged items away after the storm. Even after the adjuster visited your property and photographed your damages.
  • Remember most often your adjuster is an independent adjuster with zero authority to make promises or payment decisions with regard to your insurance claim. There are usually numerous channels your claim file must go thru prior to payment.
  • Don’t expect you will receive a full claim payment in one week or even a month after a hurricane. Time is on the insurance companies side, so you will need to be patient or have your own cash reserves to maintain your life style.
  • Don’t forget the insurance company and their adjusters represent the insurance company not you!
  • You the policyholder have a duty to provide proof of the damages in an organized detailed fashion.
  • The insurance company’s first offer is not usually their best offer.
  • Insurance Company adjusters have handled thousands of claims, while you have no experience.  If you want to level the playing field you have the right to hire your own adjuster (public insurance adjuster) who works solely for your benefit.

If experience any wind damage or water damage to your home, property, commercial property or condominium from Hurricane Sandy, contact Advocate Claims Public Adjusters to get a fair settlement from your insurance company.

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