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Hurricane Victims: Read This Before You Settle Your Insurance Claim!

What a Public Insurance Adjuster Can Do For You

When a disaster occurs at your home or business, where do you begin as you sort through the mess and decide what to do next? When acts of nature greatly affect your homestead or business, how should you proceed?

After a natural disaster occurs, such as Hurricane Sandy, it is very important that you take steps that will help you protect yourself. As you begin to take inventory of things that are missing, damaged or ruined, there are many things you need to do to prepare for the initial insurance review. You will need to present your case to the insurance adjuster in a way that they will see and understand the damage that occurred. This is a difficult process for a homeowner or business owner, and they shouldn’t go it alone.

This is when an insurance advocate needs to be called. After a traumatic experience like a flood or fire, it is so difficult to know where to begin! There are so many steps to take afterward, that you must proceed with caution! You will need to make logs of property damage, take note of all of the items that you throw away, determine the cost of repairsto your damaged property and much more, before you begin to make any calls to your insurance agent!

Given the emotions involved in making decisions and choices surrounding your personal belongings and your home, you need an advocate in your corner to help you state your case and make your claim. An insurance advocate helps to prepare you before the insurance adjuster ever comes. By calling an advocate, they protect you by representing you, properly documenting your case, and helping you decide how to proceed with insurance offers.

The best kind of insurance advocate to use, are those that had experience as insurance adjusters! An insurance advocate with past experience as an adjuster can help you to see clearly what you must do next, to protect yourself and your investment.

The only way to know if you are getting a full settlement from Hurricane Sandy is to call on an outside source to lead you through the process.

Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company, but a Private Adjuster works for YOU!

Who should you really trust?

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Empowering the Policy-holder


Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company, but an insurance advocate works for YOU! Don’t make the mistake of going through the clean up after a disaster, like Hurricane Sandy, all by yourself. Calling your insurance company and just accepting their offer without really knowing why or how they arrived at the offer will cost you. Call Advocate Claims Public Adjusters ( help you know what to do next! A claims advocate is dedicated to you, with no ties to the insurance industry.



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