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Hurricane Sandy Victims: Don’t Settle On the First Offer!

Hire a Professional Haggler to Help You Settle Your Claim

 Ask yourself this question: Do you think that you always get the best price on everything on the         first try?  Of course not!

 Insurance companies won’t typically give you their best offer at their initial presentation, either. A Good negotiator will hold out to see how far they can push you and stretch you until you fold, and settle.

When you are trying to get a full and complete insurance settlement, don’t expect your insurance company to give you their best offer up-front. (Maybe that’s why it’s called a “settlement”)

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, your “negotiator” will either be the job of your insurance company (through their paid adjuster), or a private insurance adjuster that you request to help you. You have a choice!

You don’t have to battle an insurance company all by yourself. There are laws to protect you so that you know you are being treated fairly, and you know that you are offered a fair settlement.


The people and families that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy do have one thing in common with their insurance company, when it comes to a settlement: They both want to keep their money!

If you have the energy, patience, and insurance experience, you can get a proper settlement from your insurance company.  Or, you can hire an “expert haggler” who can do it for you!

Hiring a public adjuster who understands complex legal language and terms within your insurance document, can be used to your advantage! A good public adjuster will know how to write a detailed construction estimate and a detailed personal property inventory in a way that your insurance company understands. 

Advocate Claims is licensed and bonded to offer you their experience and expertise in insurance claims. Advocate Claims will write an honest, complete and thorough insurance report after properly surveying your damaged property. 

Here’s Some Ways to Know How “Well-Represented” You Are by the Insurance Company:

  1. How much time did they spend at your home? Was it long enough to notice everything?
  2. How many times did they come over to your home to re-access the damage? Is one visit enough to see it all?
  3. How long was their final damage report? Did they take note of everything?

 If you don’t call a private insurance adjuster, you will never know for sure!

 Call Advocate Claims to get a no-obligation, second opinion on the value of your insurance claim, before you start doing your repairs, and before you settle!

Call Advocate Claims Public Insurance Adjusters now!

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