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Mold & Water Damage in Florida

Mold & Water Damage Insurance Claims in Florida – Hire a Public Adjuster, Early!

Florida’s humidity and rain create the perfect Petri dish for the creation and growth of toxic and damaging mold, as well as general water damage. Florida insurance companies know this peril is more common than any other claim, and have made a tight rope for insurance claims handling mold and water damages.

Chances are good that your insurance policy limits “mold” damage to $10,000 or less in Florida.  However, water damage in general is still covered within most base insurance policies in Florida.

In Florida, investigating the insurance claim and advocating for the best possible outcome is never more key than when a Mold & Water damage insurance claim occurs.

In a high rise condominium in Boca Raton, Florida, multiple units were affected by a water main break on an upper floor. Advocate Claims was able to take over each of the claims very early in the process.

Upon speaking to the insurance adjuster, the condominium owner made the statement; “don’t be making any big spending decision; these policies aren’t going to cover more than $10,000 in mold.”

Since Advocacy Claims, as the owner’s Public Adjuster, had been working the claim from the point of discovery of the problem, we were able to advise our clients on the best way to proceed and avoid mold growth in the home and avoid limitations on the submitted insurance claim for mold coverage.

Your insurance company adjuster will investigate the damage to your home or business and write what is called a “narrative of the loss.” In simple terms, the narrative is a story about what happened and what the overall cost of the claim should be.  When Advocate Claims is working on a claim, we help the insurance adjuster come up with the narrative for the claim.  We do this by providing hard facts and overall reasoning of the cause of the damage, and the subsequent damages to the property.  By getting to this early, we can speed up the claim process instead of having to change opinions later in the process.

We set the narrative for the insurance company, with adequate information that could not be refuted.  We avoided months of delays on the project by using our skills to move the claim along quickly.


  1. Turn off the water main.
  2. Call the plumber to repair the leak.
  3. Call Advocate Claims to notice your insurance company of the claim and gain approval for mitigation activities, to deal with the water damage before it becomes mold damage. 
  4. Only have mitigation professionals start demolition and water mitigation, after Advocate Claims has assessed the damages and fully documented the losses.  Only begin mitigation once we can provide approval of a scope from the carrier, to avoid hefty out-of-pocket expenses for this service.

Simple Facts About Florida Mold & Water Damage Insurance Claims:

  • Mold Coverage is very limited.
  • Remediation Companies should never be trusted to handle your insurance claim.
  • Acting quickly is the most important factor in settling your claim at the highest possible dollar.
  • Hiring Advocate Claims to act as your Public Adjuster will speed the process of the claim along, and safeguard valuable funds.