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Water Damage in Pensacola, FL: Doug’s Story

We recently spoke with Doug about his experience working with Steven Venook and the team at Advocate Claims Public Adjusters. Doug had purchased a three story home near the beach. Though it was a relatively new home, one day the air-conditioning on the third floor leaked, causing water and mold damage to all three floors of his home.

Doug initially hired the emergency service company and mold remediation company referred to him by his insurance company.  The mold damages were three times the limit of mold coverage on Doug’s insurance policy.  Doug was forced to pay the balance of the damages out-of-pocket.  He then hired the contractor who built his home, to try to convey the severity of damages to his insurance company, which went ignored.   Knowing the settlement would not cover the costs that he had incurred, Doug again turned to the insurance company.  To pacify Doug, the insurance company sent another contractor to assess the damages, where he experienced much of the same run-around.

“The insurance company then recommended mediation to settle the claim.  I spent months waiting for the date to present my case.  The insurance company was steadfast in their original offer so it was all for naught.”

However, one positive did result from the mediation: Doug learned that he had the right to appraisal, which he previously had never been informed of.  Doug contacted Advocate Claims to discuss how the appraisal works.

“Steven explained that the process did take several more weeks, but at that point, we were out of money and out of options” said Doug.

Advocate Claims requested appraisal, a form of dispute resolution.   After extensively reviewing the damages, Advocate Claims acted as the appraisal agent and began negotiations with the insurance company’s appraiser.  Advocate Claims was able to secure an additional $85,000.00; which was sufficient enough to fully remediate Doug’s loss from the water damage. 

“The moral of the story is to be careful who you hire” said Doug.  “I would recommend Steven and his team as soon as you suffer a loss.   He is very methodical and knows the process very well.  He is detail oriented and leaves no stone unturned.   The process is arduous by nature, with many players with varied interests.  One Steven was involved, we couldn’t have hoped for a better result.”

Whether you have suffered a recent insurance loss or are in need of appraisal services, Advocate Claims can help. They have been helping Florida homeowners for more than 10 years. Give the public adjusters at Advocate Claims a call today at 954-369-0573. They will walk you through the insurance claim process and see how they can assist you.