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Public Adjusters maximize your Commercial and Home Flood Damage in Florida

Flood Damage?

In light of the heavy rainfall from recent hurricanes and tropical storms, a lot of you commercial and home owners around the country are facing flood damage. On top of the stress of dealing with damage to your properties, many of you are now also having to deal with the stress of filing a claim with your insurance company and fighting for proper recovery of losses. In fact, some of you might already have had an adjuster come out to assess damages, how loss was incurred, and if any other party should be held responsible. This adjuster is the insurance company’s adjuster, and therefore is not necessarily representing your needs.

What you may really need in the case of property damage is to immediately get a public adjuster on your case. They can function as a great go-between or buffer between you and the insurance company, so that you can recover from your loss quickly and in proper measure to the damage you’ve received to your property.This is because public adjusters function solely for the benefit of the policyholder, and so only represent your interests and no one else’s.

The Role of a Public Adjuster

Public adjuster’s work with you to:

  • decode all the legal jargon involved in dealing with the insurance claim
  • research and document all damages incurred (including extra expenses accrued by interruption to your business),
  • prepare the entire claim and ensure that it gets pushed through at the insurance company
  • negotiate settlements
  • and will even re-open cases where that has been some discrepancy    

In short, they do all the dirty work. And of course, they want to make sure the claim is 1)expedited, and 2) that the settlement is maximized, so that the whole process is worth their time and effort, and pays off. Thus, the public adjuster is really on your side throughout the entire process as that is in their best interest. Now, if no settlement is reached, a good public adjuster will not incur any fees. Also, be sure to check if you have loss recovery insurance in your policy, as that cover the cost of having a public adjuster to work on your claim. These storms are not your fault, and so the financial and emotional burden should not be placed at your feet. Flood damage is no joke. Get your own adjuster to do the hard work for you and give you the best results!


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