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Attorneys or Public Adjuster, who should you hire? Why?

When facing property damage due to natural disasters, building structure damage and so forth, you are going to face time-consuming hours fighting with the insurance companies or filing a claim.

Generally, to really get the compensation you deserve, you are going to want to look into getting your own public adjuster or attorney on board. The public adjuster will most likely be your best move, over an attorney. Why? Because attorneys do not commonly enjoy working on cases that involve lots of detailed administrative work rather than litigation. They also don’t tend to jump in on property damage cases simply because of the (low) amounts of money recovered and because of the fee payment structure. Attorneys will jump in when a case goes bad, such as when an insurance company no longer acts in good faith or issues a wrongful denial.

Public adjusters therefore, are really the ones you want to step to first. Attorneys are really only for extreme case. Public adjusters will do all the work attorneys would do, for less money and likely with equal or better results. Why? Well for one, public adjusters generally will not incur fees unless they win the settlement. So no money for them unless they help you win your money. They also charge a percentage of the settlement as fee, but not an added hourly rate on top of a percentage of your settlement, like attorneys will. And, last but not least, public adjusters simply know their stuff and will get all the ‘dirty work’ done for you.

They decode all the legal jargon involved in dealing with the insurance claim, they research and document all damages incurred (including extra expenses accrued by interruption to your business), they prepare the entire claim and ensure that it gets pushed through at the insurance company, they negotiate settlements and will even re-open cases where that has been some discrepancy. Of course it is in their interest, as well as yours, to have the claim be 1)expedited, and 2) get a maximum settlement so that the whole process is worth their time and effort and pays off for them as well. Hire a public adjuster and get the job done right!