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Recovering from a Tornado: Post-Loss Checklist

Recovering from a tornado is not just about your home. Make sure that your family is safe and that no one has been hurt. When you find your way out of your home, make sure that there are no hazards outside that could harm you or your family, such as downed powerlines.

In the event that your home has been made uninhabitable due to a tornado, make sure that you find proper shelter until you can return home. Next, before you call your homeowner’s insurance provider to report the damages, the very best thing that you can do is enlist help from local public adjusters.

The minute you call your insurance company to report damages, your insurance rates may increase. By calling professional public adjusters like Advocate Claims first, you can properly assess your home without your interest rate taking a hit.  Unfortunately, an insurance company assessment may accidentally omit or skimp on damages to report, making it so that you do not receive ample funds to repair your home.

Advocate Claims is a Florida-based statewide insurance public adjusting claim service and their licensed professionals will come to your home or building, give you the most accurate assessment of damages for your insurance claim filing process, as well as help provide you with the necessary knowledge for protecting your home from further damage.

Florida public adjusters recommend that you take the following steps as part of a tornado post-loss checklist:

  • Temporary repairs so that your home is not affected by rain or looting. Secure all windows, doors and entry ways.
  • Keep all receipts for temporary repairs and temporary housing. Your public adjuster will make sure that your receipts are submitted for reimbursement by your homeowner’s insurance company.
  • The Florida public adjusters at Advocate Claims will create a detailed list of all damages or destroyed property and negotiate the best possible insurance settlement, saving you the additional stress.
  • After negotiations with your homeowner’s insurance has commenced, our public adjusters recommend that you find a contractor to begin repairs.