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Sarasota Residents Prepare to file Tornado Insurance Claims after a Tragic Weekend

Sarasota public adjusters and residents were ill-prepared for the worst this weekend as an EF2 (Enhanced Fujita Scale) storm with winds reaching 132 mph tore through the county. With a stretch as wide as 350 yards, the massive tornado blasted through Siesta Key along the Gulf of Mexico, claiming two lives, injuring 10, and damaging dozens of homes early Sunday morning.

According to the National Weather Service, an EF2 tornado is classified as a strong twister and wreaks havoc in its pathways. Although Sarasota Fire Rescue worked diligently in order to carry out multiple rescues throughout the Sarasota area, the American Red Cross was able to lend a helping hand for those whose residences are uninhabitable. Fire fighters, police, and Sarasota public adjusters have been contacted in order to assess the scale of the damage.

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters in Sarasota, covers the entire county and the Siesta Key area, as well. The majority of homeowner’s insurance policies in Florida cover storms including hail, tornado, and wind coverage, but floods and earthquakes require additional coverage. Regardless of whether or not your homeowner’s insurance policy covers an EF2 storm like that of this past weekend, the public adjusters at Advocate Claims can help assess your home’s damage as accurately as possible, allowing you to submit an insurance claim and receive the absolute most money back in order to restore your home to normalcy.

Siesta Key public adjusters will review your current homeowner’s insurance policy, lend you information on how you can protect your home from future damages, take steps to file your claim, and prepare a detailed list of estimates on your behalf to submit during the insurance claim process. If the recent tornado in Sarasota has left your home in shambles or even with slight damages, please contact Steven Venook at Advocate Claims Public Adjusters at 954-369-0573.

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