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Successful Palm Beach Fire Insurance Claim for Commercial Warehouse Property


Discover the best way to file a fire insurance claim.

A large commercial warehouse property in West Palm Beach was rented by a successful private business. Unfortunately for the building owner, the tenant caused a substantial accidental fire to the property. The property was now in need of major repairs and was not usable by the tenant. The tenant immediately wanted to start repairing the property and the owner did not know what to do next?

Since, I have successfully handled to prior claim for this family. I was called to assist the owner with this commercial fire claim. The first priority was to meet with the tenant and find out what caused the fire. Upon meeting with the tenant, he informed me he was taking full responsibility for the fire and wanted to start repairs. I informed the tenant that he could jeopardize the owners insurance claim by touching or moving any evidence, and it was not his property to repair. The tenant was visibly upset with me when I told him in front of his insurance agent these facts. The problem was the tenant had chosen not to purchase insurance for his loss of income and only bought insurance for his personal property. Of course, it is my client, the property owner, who was the victim of his actions.

Many important decisions need to be made immediately after catastrophic event and the wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars. My role is to help my clients to have a successful insurance claim outcome. Sometimes, this means understanding what is also important to the insurance carrier and assisting them in ascertaining this necessary information. In this case, the insurance company was seeking to determine the cause of the fire. Once they determine the cause. The insurance company wants to be able to see if they have the ability to get reimbursed for the proceeds they pay out.

This surplus line insurance company took many months in investigating this claim. More then was necessary in my opinion. The carrier finally came to the table with an offer of $95,000.00 solely based on their engineers report. By being able to show the deficiencies in their engineering report and their adjusters estimate, I was able to secure a final settlement of $220,000.00.

This client knows he is good hands when he calls me.

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