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Understanding Flood Insurance & Water Damage Insurance in Florida

When you’re considering the range of coverage you’ll need under your Florida homeowners’ insurance policy, water damage is likely near the top of your list. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that any form of water damage is covered under the typical policy, but that’s not the case at all. Where the damage comes from originally is a major factor in whether or not you’re actually covered.

Specifically, it’s important to understand the difference between water damage and flood damage, which seem very similar but are actually quite different in nature. If your Palm Beach County insurance policy contains coverage for water damage, but not flood damage, you could be out of luck if your home or building needs significant repairs after a flood hits your area. To be safe, make sure that you are covered for the havoc water can do to your home by ensuring your house is covered by flood insurance & water damage insurance.

How water enters the home

To most people, water damage is water damage — it doesn’t matter where it comes from. That’s not true in the insurance industry. When heavy rainstorms hit south Florida, property damage may occur due to rainwater entering your home due to a leaky roof or wind damage, which is typically covered if you have water damage protection in your policy. In other cases, water damage may come from burst or clogged pipes.

However, if water enters your home from an existing body of water (such as a lake, river or stream) that overflows due to a storm, it’s considered a flood. If you don’t have flood insurance, you likely won’t receive compensation from your insurance company.

Know your resources

In most situations, homeowners’ insurance policies in Florida cover a majority of types of water damage, but you must ask for — and probably pay extra for — coverage for flood damage. While there are some flood-related things that may be covered under a typical insurance policy, such as electrical fires or property stolen during a flood emergency, it’s your responsibility to make sure you have the coverage you need in case disaster strikes.

If you’re an average Broward County homeowner, you likely do not have much knowledge of the insurance industry and what to look for in your policy to ensure you and your family is fully protected. A public adjuster serves as a valuable resource in these situations, as these professionals can examine your policy and tell you exactly what is and is not covered. Flood is a very real possibility in our region, and you should not be worried about whether or not you will receive adequate compensation from your insurer if your home sustains any type of water damage.

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