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How Well Do You Know Your Florida Insurance Policy?

Did you know that flooding from a natural source, i.e. a hurricane, is not covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies? Did you also know that if you do not maintain your home and something goes wrong, your insurance most likely won’t accept your claim? There are a lot of aspects of homeowner’s insurance that people don’t understand, and the only person that it hurts is the homeowner. Insurance companies don’t suffer when homeowner’s don’t know what they’re talking about, instead they benefit from it. Don’t let your lack of knowledge get you into financial trouble! A licensed public adjuster can help you understand your rights and help you during the homeowner’s insurance claim process.

A study published by Princeton Survey Research Associates International sheds some light on exactly how much homeowner’s don’t know what is going on with their Florida insurance policy. One misconception is that your policy will cover all of your belongings. This is in fact not true. Certain belongings, like jewelry and things that hold large monetary value, have caps on their coverage. This is one of those things you don’t want to live and learn with. Another misconception is that homeowner’s insurance will cover mold damage from something like a leaky faucet. Again, not true. If you are not diligent and keep up with your home’s maintenance, chances are your insurance will deny your claim. And one final misconception can be quite devastating to those that are unaware. Many people believe that homeowner’s insurance should be equal to the market value of the property, but this is not the case. Your policy will cover the cost to replace the structures on your property, but it will not include the value of the land. That can be a hard pill to swallow if something does end up going wrong.

The best way to prevent getting left in the dark is to educate yourself. Once a year call your public adjuster and make sure you are up to date on everything that is going on with your policy. Experiencing an emergency that you need covered by your insurance is hard enough, finding out that your insurance will deny your claim is a whole other ballpark. Don’t be left in the dark, Advocate Claims Public Adjusters can help you through the process. Our licensed public adjusters are well educated on insurance practices and are trained to get you the insurance settlement you are entitled to. Call 954-369-0573 today to speak with a public adjuster about your Florida insurance policy and coverage.