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Theft in Florida Homes: How to deal with a Theft Insurance Claim

Theft is something that nobody ever wants to think about, but not thinking about it could lead to a lot of damage being done. Luckily, insurance companies realize that theft in Florida homes happens and have taken action accordingly. There is a catch. If your home is broken into, or your keys are stolen, they won’t simply send you a check. You have to have proof of absolutely everything. You have to have appraisals of your fine art and jewelry, you have to have pictures of your expensive items, and there has to be proof of every last thing. Insurance companies don’t like handing out money, so it is necessary to take precautionary steps so in the case of a tragedy (such as theft) you can ensure you receive your entitled theft insurance claim settlement.

There are some things that you can do to prevent theft. First off, invest in the right kind of insurance and have everything appraised and take pictures of everything. In the event that theft does occur, you will thank yourself for taking making such diligent records of your belongings. After you have adequate coverage, there are some smart things you can do to deter thieves. Even if you don’t have a home security system, putting a sign in your yard will ward off any potential burglars. It isn’t worth the risk for them. Also, make sure your garage door is closed when you leave. If you leave it open you are basically welcoming thieves into your home, and nobody wants that.

If you have already suffered the violation of someone breaking and entering into your home, there are things you can do to get your belongings back. Because you had such diligent records from back when you got your policy, things should be somewhat simple. First you need to contact the police and get a police report. It is important to have a police report to submit with your insurance claim. Second, call your licensed public adjuster. You have already suffered enough stress with the burglary, let a professional public adjuster handle your insurance claim. Your public adjuster will need receipts, appraisals, and all of those pictures that you took prior to the theft in addition to the police report. With a licensed public adjuster on your side with all of these items, chances are your claim will go much smoother than if you didn’t have any of them.

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