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The 4 Most Expensive Winter Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

As extreme weather events occur more often, winter storms will cause a financial hit on homeowner’s wallets. Each year, more homeowners have to file property insurance claims from winter damage and contact public adjusters for help. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the percentage of winter-related homeowner’s insurance claims in 2014 were more than double the average for the previous 20 years.

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters in Palm Beach Gardens know that Florida may not be the state to have high winter storms and damage, but since over 100,000 snowbirds make their way to Palm Beach County each year to escape the northern winter, it is important to make sure that their homes are protected from damage before they venture down south.

The 4 most expensive winter homeowner’s insurance claims to prepare for are:

1. Frozen Pipes – Before heading to Florida for winter, public adjusters in Palm Beach Gardens recommend draining and disconnecting hoses, draining sprinkler supply lines, and insulating pipes in unheated spaces like basements, attics, and garages. Then, apply pipe sleeves or heat tapes to the most vulnerable pipes in your home. Keep your home warm enough to be safe from the freezing temperatures while you are away.

2. Hail Damage – It’s no surprise that hail can cause expensive roof damage. Since you can’t prevent hail from happening, public adjusters in Palm Beach Gardens recommend that you take measures in order to prevent damage. Inspect your roof and repair loose, broken, or missing tiles. To venture more on the safe side, you could install hail-resistant asphalt shingles.

3. Wind Damage – If you are a Florida snowbird coming from the middle of the United States, wind damage is the most common homeowner’s insurance claim filed during winter. Before heading south for winter, examine the outside of your home and make sure that nothing loose is in your yard, and trim all trees that are close to your home.

4. Snow and Ice – Sure, snow may be beautiful while it is falling gracefully, but built-up, packed on snow and ice can clog your gutters, tear down trees, and crush your roof. In order to prevent damage from ice dams, public adjusters in Palm Beach Gardens recommend minimizing snow melt on your roof.

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters are licensed public adjusters in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; we have heard numerous horror stories from snowbirds who have made their way to South Florida to escape the winter weather, only return to a damaged home because they did not take the necessary precautions before leaving. Use the present off-seasons to get your home prepared for the winter weather so that you can start booking your Florida travel plans – worry free!