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40% Consumer Complaints Are Due to Poor Claim Handling


Half of all consumer complaints are due to poor claim handling by insurers

Policyholders are complaining about insurance companies.  Why? Claim handling practices such as

  • Denial of claim
  • Delays
  • Unsatisfactory (settlements)
  • Complaints that are specific to state rules and regulations

A whopping 47% of consumer complaints in 2015 according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners revolved around claim handling issues.

Top 10 Reasons for Insurance Consumer Complaints

Reason for Complaint Count % of All Reasons
Claim Handling – Denial of Claim 18,241 19.14%
Claim Handling – Delays 13,890 14.58%
Claim Handling – Unsatisfactory Settlement/Offer 10,046 10.54%
Underwriting – Surcharge 7,648 8.03%
Underwriting – Cancellation 4,124 4.33%
PolicyHolder Service – Coverage Question 3,573 3.75%
Claim Handling – State Specific 3,528 3.70%
PolicyHolder Service – Premium Refund 3,515 3.69%
Underwriting – Premium & Rating 3,205 3.36%
PolicyHolder Service – Premium Notice/Billing 3,108 3.26%

This information outlines some of the reasons why consumers were not happy with the performance of their insurance company during the claim process but it also spells out that the claim handling process can be difficult and unsatisfactory for policyholders to navigate on their own.  Policyholders who find themselves involved in a property insurance claim can expect to be disappointed with their insurers nearly 50% of the time.

It is advisable for policyholders to seek their own licensed insurance professional to make sure that they do not become another statistic.  When you are trying to recover from an insured loss the complicated insurance process and adversarial nature of claim experience can be traumatizing.

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