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What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Has your home or building suffered property damages like a natural disaster, robbery, vandalism, or pipe burst? Good thing you already know to call your homeowner’s insurance company – but what else should you do? Is there anyone else you should contact?

In the event that you need to file a residential or commercial property insurance claim, like most homeowners, you may not have been through the process before. Knowing who to contact and how to navigate through the insurance claim process is the key to getting your claim settled in an efficient manner that gives you the most back.  This is where public adjusters come in handy. Since homeowners do not file claims every day like insurance companies and public adjusters do, hiring professional help is your best bet in order to ensure that your claim is being properly handled.

No Clue What a Public Adjuster is?

The textbook definition of a public adjuster is a professional claims handler / claims adjuster who advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a claimant’s insurance claim.

Since filing an insurance claim after residential or commercial property damage can be stressful due to the many steps and details, many homeowners and business owners seek out professional help from public adjusters in their area in hopes of removing the burden of dealing with the insurance company.

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters are South Florida adjusters that service Palm Beach Gardens, Weston, Miramar, Parkland, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, and other surrounding cities. Our licensed Florida public adjusters can interpret your homeowners insurance policy, assess the damage of your home or business property, create an estimate for the cost of repairs that keeps your best interests in mind, and negotiate with the insurance company until the claim is settled.

Our public adjusters in Palm Beach and outer-lying cities work for the homeowner, not the insurance company, and have a No Recovery – No Fee policy that includes a No Obligation Consultation.

Advocate Claims empowers the policyholder, so if you need to file a homeowner’s insurance claim or commercial property insurance claim in South Florida, call our main office at 954-369-0573 today.