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Car and Home Hurricane Protection

We’ve all been there, we have left the garage door open and then it rains, and items get damaged; or we forget to put our hurricane shutters up before a storm warning is sent out. The fact is, a lot of homeowners wait until it is too late to protect their home and their vehicles.

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters service many major South Florida cities like Miramar, Weston, Parkland, and Palm Beach Gardens, and have handled countless homeowner’s insurance claims that were the result of ill-preparation during storm seasons. Part of our services include giving homeowners car and home hurricane protection information they need in order to avoid having to file an insurance company claim in the first place.

Since Florida residents focus on hurricane preparedness, here are some of our expert Weston public adjusters’ tips for protecting your car and home before a hurricane occurs:

  • During a Florida hurricane season, you should always be mindful of where you park your car and its surroundings. Is there a large tree that could fall on it? If you can, it may be ideal to clean out your garage and make sure that cars can fit inside, or park them where they cannot be harmed from falling debris.
  • When figuring out your parking situation during hurricane season, make sure that you don’t park your car in a low-lying area that is prone to flooding.
  • Keep your vehicle full of gas and evacuation ready, and keep your home fully stocked with essentials in case the electricity goes out. A good general rule of thumb for car and home hurricane protection is to be prepared for at least one month.
  • If hail is in the forecast, make sure that you move your vehicle under a covered structure.
  • Flash floods may occur after a hurricane, typically up to 12 hours after a heavy rain storm, so make sure that you move as many belongings as you can to higher floors or off the ground floor to prevent as much damage as possible. Although structural damage may not be prevented in all cases, you can prevent items in your home from getting ruined by outdoor flooding that seeps inside.

In the event that your home suffers from hurricane damage, hail, or flooding due to hurricane damage, our Weston public adjusters are ready to take your call and help streamline the homeowner’s insurance claim process for you. Contact our professional South Florida adjusters by calling our main office located in Coconut Creek at 954-369-0573. Advocate Claims stands by a No Recovery – No Fee commitment to service and works by empowering the policy holder, not the insurance company.


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