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Florida Homeowner Insurance Claims Ruled by Fear

We find, so often, that insurance claims are ruled by fear. Insurance companies do subtle and overt things that make you feel that it is wrong or hard to file a claim.  Sometimes, this process feels like something you should pull back from, without good reason.

Last week, we were called by a homeowner in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  The owner’s insurance company adjuster asked, “are you certain that you want to file this claim, I doubt your roof is really damaged, and your claim may be denied; you could even get into some fraud problems if there is nothing to this claim.  Do you still want to file the claim?” Advocate Claims handled this claim, found real damage, and we are close to a final settlement. The fear tactics were unwarranted and very unprofessional, but extremely common from insurance company adjusters.

Insurance companies benefit wildly by implementing subtle strategies of fear and “do nothing,” to dispel them in the market. Some of these fears surround your rates going up, you losing your policy, the carrier dropping you, or even you being accused of fraud for demanding that your insurance company treat you fairly.

We propose to you a simple strategy to avoid most, if not all of these fears regarding your insurance claim. We suggest that you contact Advocate Claims to get an understanding of how using a public adjuster can best serve you; who will work for you and not for your insurance company. Your insurance company hires a professional to represent their interests. It only makes sense that you should have someone advocating for your interests and only your interests when filing your homeowner’s insurance claim.

By calling Advocate Claims’ Public Adjusters, we will help you determine if your claim is worth reporting before you put a claim on your record!

Let’s go over specific fears and the realities of each for your Florida Homeowners Insurance claim…

Fear that your rates will go up

Your rates on your Florida homeowners insurance can be raised as much as 2% for filing or discussing a claim with your insurance carrier. As your public adjuster, we can make sure that filing a claim is legitimate and warranted for you to do.  Even if you do not file a claim, investigating a potential claim with your insurance company can cause your rates to go up. Advocate Claims can help you avoid this problem by investigating and completing claims that make sense.

Fear that you will be dropped by your Insurance Company

Your Florida homeowners insurance company can choose not to renew your policy upon its termination date.  Without fraud, the company cannot simply dismiss your policy because you filed a claim.

Fear of hiring a Public Adjuster or an Attorney because there will be retribution by the insurance company.

Your insurance company does not want you to hire a public adjuster or an attorney for one simple reason: when you get help by professionals, the insurance company has to act in a kind manner in order to avoid legal and regulatory traps. It would be an ethics violation if a company or independent adjuster suggests that you should not hire your own private adjuster.

As a homeowner, research suggests that you may only have 4 homeowner insurance claims in a lifetime.  At Advocate Claims, we handle four claims before lunch.  Chances are good that Advocate Claims is more experienced than the adjuster your insurance company sends out to your home, business, or commercial property.

The insurance company cannot sanction you for hiring advocates to help with your claim process.  This is a fear that is not realized when competent Public Adjusters and Attorneys work Florida Insurance Claims.

Fear that you will be accused of fraud – for demanding to be treated fairly.

Albeit rare, it is just a threat; this is a fear tactic that holds no merit or actual practice.  What if you called the fire department and said, “Come quick my house is on fire,” only to get a response of, “if it is not on fire, that is fraud, and you could get in trouble, are you sure you still want us to come?”

When your insurance company uses such a ploy, contact Advocate Claims; you need a qualified and powerful Public Adjuster on your side.

Fear for not using the Insurance Company’s Contractor

More and more insurance carriers are trying to get repairs handled by their own contractors. These contractors work for the carrier and not for you, which takes power out of your hands.  This is another way that your insurance company is controlling your insurance claim, to benefit their bottom line.

You do not have to use these contractors, and it does not limit your ability to get a reasonable and fair settlement for your claim.

As a Florida Public Adjuster, Advocate Claims can only represent the home or business owner.  As your Florida Public Adjuster, Advocate Claims cannot receive payments from any other party.

As a Florida Public Adjuster, Advocate Claims will not accept payment for services, prior to collecting funds for the claim.  There is no upfront cost to deal with Advocate Claims as your Florida Public Adjuster.

As your Public Adjuster, Advocate Claims settles Florida Claims in a way that does not leave the homeowner or business owner holding the bag for under paid claims.

Call Advocate Claims’ Public Adjusters 954-369-0573 when you have a Florida Insurance claim.

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