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Why Won’t My Insurance Company Pay My Claim?

Why Won’t my Insurance Company Pay My Claim?

A quick Google search shows that you are not alone in asking that question.  There are nearly 45 MILLION results discussing exactly that, and likely as many reasons why insurance companies think they do not have to pay your claim.


It can be easy to see why.  Insurance companies have little incentive to offer their clients an appropriate settlement immediately after a loss.  There are few (or no) consequences an insurance company would face for an inadequate settlement that comes back to the company.  Additionally, their clients, those who have suffered the loss, are highly inexperienced.  Large losses are infrequent and many homeowners do not question the initial settlements.  It is simply a matter of insurance companies taking advantage of their own customers.

How can I be sure that I get the proper settlement for my loss?



Again, you would not be alone in asking this! Google offers almost 55 MILLION results.  The spectrum of different types and severity of loss make this a complicated question, but the answer (in most cases) is to enlist the guidance of a public adjuster.  A public adjuster can not only guide you through the claim process, ensuring that the appropriate measures are taken to get you the fairest settlement possible, they can also act as an advisor to guide you through the process and recommend a course of action, including using their vast collection of industry contacts.

How can I Identify a public adjustment claim adjustment service?

Fortunately, there is one answer that will deliver the best possible result after your property is damaged.


Advocate Claims’ Public Adjusters have over one decade of experience aiding homeowners after they have experienced damage to their homes.  If you have any questions regarding the role that a public adjuster can play in returning your property to normalcy as quickly as possible after your loss, please contact Steven Venook of Advocate Claims Public Adjusters at 954-369-0573.

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