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Florida Insurance Claims Need Proper Investigation

A reasonable investigation of all conditions to find damage, is the obligation of the Insurance Company Adjuster.  Adjusters should never turn a blind eye, but all too often, this is exactly what Advocate Claims finds when taking on the task of being a Public Adjuster who represents the policy owner only.

As the home or business owner, you have “duties under your policy”, you must:

  • Report the Loss
  • Contain or limit further damage in a reasonable manner.

The Insurance Company has “duties” as well.

  • Allow for timely reporting of the claim.
  • Provide a prompt response by sending an insurance company adjuster to the home.
  • Fully investigate the damage
  • Provide adequate funding for repair, as per the policy provisions.

In the new world of Insurance Claims in Florida, the Insurance Companies have taken a “light” version of these responsibilities as the standard method of working on a home or business claim.  In practical application, some, if not all of the following occur with regularity:

  • The insurance company adjuster fails to fully locate all of the damage, relying on the homeowner to locate all of the structural damage and specify it to the Adjuster. Anything that the owner misses may be completely left out of the claim payment.
  • The insurance company sends someone other than a licensed adjuster to assess the claim. In Florida, this is especially prevalent.
  • The Insurance Company fails to use technology, moisture meters, structural integrity checks, thermal cameras, and etcetera, to fully investigate the claim.
  • The insurance company adjuster assesses the value of damaged property lower than it is, and lower than it should be.
  • Denial of the claim based on “late reporting,” characterizing the claim as “not valid” due to a specific peril.

When you hire Advocate Claims as your Public Adjuster, the Insurance Company’s “light” investigation of your insurance claim is replaced by a proper and well documented claim process.

  • Advocate Claims investigates the cause of the loss, which will be a single event that generally caused the initial damages to your home or business.
  • Advocate Claims investigates all subsequent damages caused by the single event. It is like a domino effect, cascading through the structure.

When Advocate Claims investigates a claim, we look for the point of origin and track the damage to the last location of damage. Chances are high, that your insurance company lacks the will, or the technology, to adequately investigate and allocate the cost for the entire claim.

At Advocate Claims, we see Florida Home Owner and Business insurance claims as science projects; we settle claims for what they are worth, not by gaming the system, but by documenting the true cost of all repairs allowed under the insurance policy. There is research that shows that Public Adjusters in Florida commonly raise insurance payouts.  At Advocate Claims, we enjoy our success rate in getting our clients the proper amount of money that is needed to repair damages.

If you feel that your insurance company is not properly handling your claim, the worst thing that you can do is wait, hope, and wish. Be sure to take notes of all persons that you have talked to about your claim, including the names and license numbers of every person that you encounter on the phone and in person, then call Advocate Claims.

We stand ready to handle any kind of claim: wind, water, mold, tree damage, plumbing leaks, vandalism, fire, and all other property insurance perils.  Each of these types of insurance claims have special characteristics and associated knowledge, which Advocate Claims can address, with success.

As a Florida Public Adjuster, Advocate Claims can only represent the home or business owner.  As your Florida Public Adjuster, Advocate Claims cannot receive payments from any other party.

As a Florida Public Adjuster, Advocate Claims will not accept payment for services prior to collecting funds for the claim.  There is no up front cost to deal with Advocate Claims as your Florida Public Adjuster.

As your Public Adjuster, Advocate Claims settles Florida Claims in a way that does not leave the homeowner or business owner holding the bag for under paid claims.

Call Advocate Claims’ Public Adjusters at 954-369-0573 when you have a Florida Insurance claim.

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