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Using Modern Technology to Investigate Claims

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters of Florida

When you have a Florida Homeowners Insurance Claim, the Insurance Company is going to send an Adjuster to investigate the claim on behalf of the insurance group.  The policy and laws state that the Insurance Carrier is responsible to fully investigate the claim.   Almost without fail, insurance companies in Florida fail to fully investigate claims.

On a recent Miami insurance claim, Advocate Claims met the insurance company Adjuster.  The claim dealt with water damage.  We counted twenty-one occasions where the Adjuster said, “I don’t believe there is water behind this wall.”   (Picture of thermal scan)

Upon finishing the walk through, we asked the Adjuster to walk the property as we used a Thermal Imaging Camera.  In 18 of the 21 walls where the adjuster did not “believe” there was water behind the wall, the imaging showed clear signs of water damage.  The insurance claim was over $39,000 higher than originally expected.  This change is mostly because Advocate Claims, as the Public Adjuster, was able to use advanced technology to prove the real damage in the insurance claim process.

We estimate that fewer than 5% of Public Adjusters and less than 1% of insurance adjusters use this technology in Florida.

If you had your choice of doctor, you would always go to the one with the best technology for finding and treating your illness.  You would not get your hair cut from someone who was using dull scissors.  You would not buy a meal from a kitchen that half cooked your meal.  There is no reason why you should get thousands less on your insurance claim because the insurance carrier does not dedicate technology and training to fully investigate your damages.

When Advocate Claims fully investigates a claim, we turn over credible evidence of all damages to the insurance company. Most of the time, we do not have to engage in a “fight” for your claim simply because we have documented ever bit of the damage that is rightfully payable by your Florida Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Your insurance company will send someone to assess the damage to your home.  The Adjuster will, more often than not, provide you with an insurance payout based on the most obvious damage.  The insurance carrier adjusters generally do not use moisture meters, wall cavity investigation (actually tearing open a wall), or thermal imaging.  It is not hard to understand why the insurance company does not use technology to find all of the damage.

Advocate Claims specializes in maximizing Florida insurance claims with verifiable data to prove the damaged conditions.  There is no distance we will not go in order to find the true nature of the damages to your home or business.  As your Public Adjuster, we stand guard of your largest family assets, and have decades of experience in negotiating with insurance companies for the best possible outcome for our clients.

Your insurance company wants you to take a low settlement for your Florida Homeowners Insurance Claim.  Only a Public Adjuster works strictly for you in the insurance claim process.  Advocate Claims, acting as a skilled Florida Public Adjuster, has the accolades of many.  Learn more here (insert links)

We stand ready to handle any kind of claim: wind, water, mold, tree damage, plumbing leaks, vandalism, fire, and all other property insurance perils.  Each of these types of insurance claims have special characteristics and knowledge that Advocate Claims can address, with success.

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