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Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian – Insurance Claim Do’s & Don’ts

Insurance Claim Do's

  • Photograph your insurance policy declarations pages with your phone
  • Photograph or video roof, home interior & personal property BEFORE a hurricane
  • Photograph or video roof, home interior & personal property AFTER Hurricane
  • Make temporary repairs only to prevent further damages i.e. Tarp roof, dry-out water
  • Report claim to insurance company. Get claim number for your records.

Insurance Claim Don'ts

  • Don’t throw away anything damaged, keep all evidence to prove your claim.
  • Don’t rely on company adjuster to photograph and itemize all damages.
  • Don’t expect your claim to be settled quickly!
  • Don’t believe anything NOT in writing!
  • Don’t be naive and remember company adjusters work for the insurance company.

Florida Insurance Companies have 90 days to pay or deny your insurance claim.  Accepting the initial settlement offer, or cashing the insurance settlement check, does not stop you from supplementing your insurance claim. This is where policy holders make a BIG MISTAKE.

New supplemental damages must be agreed to prior to any repairs being done.

Navigating hurricane insurance claims is a complex process. There are many types of damages and related issues that may need to be considered such as wind damages to the roof, water damage to home interiors, water damages that result in mold, water damages to personal property, code upgrade issues, and loss of use or loss of rental income.

All the above damages are dependent on what was purchased under your insurance policy and who is interpreting the insurance policy.

Please remember the nice insurance adjuster works for your insurance company. Their job is to control your claim for the insurance carrier they represent.

As a public insurance adjuster my job is to represent you - the policy holder.

First and foremost, we need to make sure you meet all the post loss conditions under your insurance policy, so that you are in compliance with your insurance contract.  Additional services that I assist to provide.

  • To properly document all your damages
  • To properly itemize your damages
  • To handle all the paperwork
  • To properly communicate with your insurance carrier on your behalf
  • To negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement that you approve

Avoid the stress and time of trying to handle your own insurance claim!  The insurance company's adjuster is trained to handle claims and has their company objective to follow, and that may not be in your best interest. This may be your first property damage insurance claim or the largest damages that you ever had to deal with for your largest single asset, home, condominium, business, commercial building, or condominium association.

If you want an experienced professional public adjuster with 25 years of hurricane insurance claim experience on your side, contact Steven Venook, Florida Public Adjuster License #A273134 at Advocate Claims Public Insurance Adjusters for a free initial consultation. Call 954-978-0886 or email