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Safety Tips to Protect Your Pets This Holiday Season

Safety Tips to Protect Your Pets This Holiday Season

From Advocate Claims Public Adjusters and Our Pooches!

As we move into the full swing of the 2017 Holiday Season, remember to protect your pets from holiday hazards. With Christmas trees and candles, turkey legs, chocolate and many family and friends coming and going, this time of year can be particularly dangerous for your dogs and cats.

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters is happy to bring you these five tips to keep your pets safe this year, and next!

#1 – Anchor Your Christmas Tree

Dogs and cats have been known to knock over a Christmas tree, or ten. Cats especially love to climb them, and dogs love to snuggle under them. If you have pets, be sure to securely anchor your Christmas tree to prevent it from falling over.

#2 – Use Your Fireplace Screen

While most dogs and cats are smart enough to avoid the fireplace, at least when it’s aflame, always use your screen to create a barrier between open flames and your loved ones.

#3 – Place Candles Away From Favorite Climbing Spots

Pets, especially climbing cats, can knock over burning candles. Be sure to place your candles away from your pets, and their favorite countertops they’re not supposed to be on!

#4 – Be Careful with your Holiday Eats

While your dogs may want chocolate, it can make them incredibly sick and even cause death. Be careful with candy bowl placement containing chocolates and be sure to remind your guests that your pooches can’t have any. Keep an eye on guests who insist on feeding your dogs scraps. Turkey bones and other holiday favorites can be deadly to our dogs.

#5 – Keep an Eye on Your Pets When Guests are Present

While spending time with family and friends is a holiday tradition for most, the change in routine can be wonderful or upsetting to our pets. Be sure to keep an eye on your pets when guest are in “their” home. Energized children and holiday stress can cause anxiety. While cats will often leave the room on their own, make a point to put your dogs out of harms way when there is elevated noise. This protects your guests and pets alike.

Keep your pets safe this holiday season!
Happy Holidays from Advocate Claims Public Adjusters!

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