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Tips for Handling a Vandalism Insurance Claim in Miami

The Most Common Types of Vandalism

No one wants to wake up to a vandalized home or return from vacation to find broken glass, graffiti other damage to your property. It leaves you both frustrated and vulnerable, and your mood likely won’t improve when you try to file an insurance claim for vandalism. You may find your insurance claims adjuster isn’t as helpful as you had hoped.

Vandalism in the Miami and Miami Beach area is, unfortunately, somewhat common. However, when your home is damaged, you shouldn’t have to feel alone. Being aware of the most common types of vandalism and the challenges you’ll face when filing your insurance claim in Miami will make you better prepared if you have to deal with this difficult issue.

In Miami-Dade County, the most common types of vandalism are broken windows and graffiti. As the victim, your first instinct might be to pursue legal action against the vandals, but it is actually in your best interest to prioritize home repairs.

The first step is to file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible, but this doesn’t always mean you’re on your way to receiving an adequate amount of compensation. Vandalism claims have unique challenges associated with them, even if you have “top-notch” insurance from Universal Property & Casualty or State Farm Florida. In fact, when you signed on with your insurance company, you may have agreed to stipulations that make you responsible for your home’s care in certain situations.

Vacancy limitations may have an impact

One of the biggest issues you’ll face with your insurer is in your policy’s vacancy limitations — the rules within the contract that state how your insurance is affected by vandalism that occurs when your home is unoccupied. Because homes are at a greater risk for vandalism when they are vacant, your insurance company is likely to reduce or eliminate your right to the compensation you need to repair your property.

You’ll need to review your policy to find out if these stipulations affect you. The policy should define the range of time in which your house must be unoccupied for vacancy limitations to apply.

If you’re concerned about the conditions under which your vandalism occurred or are simply unsure of the rules you must adhere to with your insurance provider, seek the assistance of a public adjuster. They can examine your policy and identify the exact terms of your agreement, while also helping you file a more effective insurance claim.

You shouldn’t be punished more for the damage done to your Miami home by vandals. Consult with a Advocate Claims Public Adjusters to navigate the complexities of your claim to gain greater peace of mind during a difficult time.

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