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Hurricane Ian Damage

Uncover the Truth Behind the OIR Hurricane Ian Claims Statistics

Did you have Hurricane Ian property damage?

Should you trust the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation insurance claim statistics?

Not if your claim was underpaid or closed without payment!

Data as of January 20, 2023

“According to OIR’s hurricane claims reporting, Ian resulted in about 475,000 residential damage claims; 75% are closed, leaving about 60,000 still open.” “OIR captures data in its efforts to evaluate catastrophe claims and compels all insurers to report data as of each required reporting date, per section 624.307, Florida Statutes. This aggregate information is compiled from insurance claims data filed by insurers. It has not been audited or independently verified. Companies were required to begin submitting data on September 30, 2022, and the data covers all claims based on filings received by OIR to date.”

County Number of Claims Reported Number of Open Claims with Payment Number of Open Claims without Payment Number of Claims Closed with Payment Number of Claims Closed without Payment Percent of Claims Closed
Lee 246,161 32,526 30,215 135,086 48,334 74.50%
Charlotte 99,273 17,145 10,481 58,405 13,242 72.20%

According to the above statistics:

  • Lee County residents submitted $246,161 Hurricane Ian Insurance Claims. 48,334 claims (about 20%) were closed without any payment.
  • Charlotte residents submitted 99,273 Hurricane Ian Insurance Claims. 13,242 claims (about 13%) were closed without payment.

I have personally spoken to homeowners in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Sanibel Island, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Meyers, Cape Coral, who have told me that their Hurricane Ian insurance claim was closed by their Insurance Company without their knowledge or consent!

Many other people were upset that their insurance company either missed a lot of their property damages or grossly underpaid their insurance claim.

Behind each number on the OIR Chart is a real story of a Florida Family, Grandparent, Parent, Property Owner, Insurance Policy holder, and Florida Tax payer who deserves to be treated fairly by their insurance company and not be treated like a number. We understand that insurance companies are a for profit business, but Florida insurance companies have duty to treat their policyholders with proper claim handling practices.

Two often repeated phrases come to mind are the following;

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

“Figures will not lie, but liars will figure.”

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters will not treat you like a number or statistic. We will assist you in documenting every single item that is damaged, and help get you the money that you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

If your claim was underpaid or your claim was closed without payment.  Call us for a free no obligation initial consultation and get a second opinion.

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