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insurance agent showed hostility toward the public adjusting profession

Why Can’t We All Get Along & Be Friends?

I read a recent post where an insurance agent showed hostility toward the public adjusting profession. Offering the same old tired advice that…

  • Many public adjusters are greedy and exploit the policy holder?
  • That policy holders do not want to engage a public adjuster because 99% percent are dishonest.
  • Don’t give away your money to a public adjuster when the insurance company handles the claim for free.
  • Use the insurance companies’ contractors only because they are free?
  • Wait to see how your claim is handled before you engage a public adjuster!

My question to the homeowner’s or business insurance agents’ is don’t you want what is best for your customer? Or are you just looking at your own personal loss ratio and pocketbook?

It seems to me to that many, if not most, insurance agents are putting their own financial interest above that of their clients when they bad mouth public insurance adjusters?

If your customers called you about damages to their condo, home or building and your customer is considering making an insurance claim, as their insurance agent …

  • Do you actually personally take the customers call and discuss their property damages? Or does it go direct to the insurance company? Because you don’t have time to stop from selling insurance policies?
  • Do you actually go to their home and look at the damages?
  • Do you know how to evaluate how much the repairs are going to cost the customer?
  • Do you properly counsel them not to place a claim that was less than their deductible?
  • Do you tell the homeowner not to put in a claim that was not covered under their insurance policy?
  • Do you tell a homeowner how to handle a claim dispute if the insurance company low balls the claim?

We can assume that you want the customer to be treated fairly and promptly by the insurance company and under the insurance policy that you sold to them? After all you sold them a promise that if something happened to their property? They would be in good hands, Treated Like A Neighbor, Have Peace of Mind, A Better way of Life, or Quality is our Policy.

Does it surprise you to know that the majority of my calls from policy holders are after they have received either an insurance claim denial or low-ball offer from the insurance company?

As a Public Adjuster I worked for both an independent adjusting company handling claims for most of the Florida insurance companies and I was company staff adjuster for POE Financial before working directly for the policy holder!

In my past work experience, I saw first-hand how many insurance companies do not treat your customers with the professional, fair, and efficient insurance claim handling that you purport to sell and promise to your customers?

So, if we both want your customer to be treated fairly, professionally, and promptly? Then why are so many insurance agent’s hostile to public adjusters? Especially since most policy holders have already tried to deal directly with their insurance company before they called and hired a public adjuster? Unless you have personal financial motive?