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People’s Trust Drops South Florida Hurricane Coverage Policies

Thanks to a dubious move by People’s Trust Insurance Co., thousands of South Florida hurricane coverage policies have been dropped and could have South Florida homeowners facing hurricane season without adequate a homeowners insurance coverage. The company recently purged a huge chunk of its policies, leaving homeowners scrambling to find other options. The justification provided […]

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Rising Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Florida’s Tri-County District

As a south Florida resident, you may be feeling the effects of rising homeowners’ insurance costs, regardless of whether or not you’ve needed to file a claim. Far beyond the effects of inflation or fluctuations in property value, it seems that the rise in costs are intended to compensate for a rise in claims over […]

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Why the Florida Insurance Mediation Program Doesn’t Work

After a denied homeowners’ insurance claim, one of your options is to seek a resolution using the insurance mediation program set up by the Florida Department of Insurance. This program is intended to allow home and business owners to get together with their insurance providers to work out disputes, most of which are related to […]

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What to Know about the Valued Policy Law in Florida

When you’re home gets damaged as the result of a natural disaster, leaky roof, burst pipe, vandalism or more, it can be very stressful to make the necessary repairs to get your living spaces back in working order. This process becomes even worse if your home has been completely destroyed. There is a silver lining […]

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Is it Possible to Reopen an Insurance Claims in Florida?

If you’ve had to file an insurance claim in Florida after damage occurs to your home, you may be like thousands of other homeowners in our state — the process was much more stressful than you initially thought it would be. Worse yet, at the end of the back and forth, it’s very possible that […]

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Florida Policyholders Effected by Citizens Insurance ‘dump’

If you own a home or property in Florida, you may be aware of the work of Citizens Property Insurance, a quasi-governmental entity that has provided insurance coverage to millions of residents in the state. However, recent efforts have been made to transfer many of these policies to private insurers, a process that hasn’t always […]

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Filing Lightning Damage Claims in Florida

Of all the natural disasters South Florida residents need to worry about, lightning may not be at the top of the list. You might wonder if it’s something you should really consider when choosing a homeowners’ insurance policy. The answer is yes. Lightning strikes can cause substantial damage alone, but are also likely to cause […]

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After a Kitchen Fire: Filing a Claim with Gulfstream Property & Casualty

As a homeowner who carries property insurance, you probably think about the various issues that your policy will cover, with most of them being out of your control. These include natural disasters, wind or water damage, and vandalism. While these issues account for a large portion of the claims filed with Florida insurance companies, it’s […]

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Understanding Flood Insurance & Water Damage Insurance in Florida

When you’re considering the range of coverage you’ll need under your Florida homeowners’ insurance policy, water damage is likely near the top of your list. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that any form of water damage is covered under the typical policy, but that’s not the case at all. Where the damage comes […]

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Settling a Claim with United Property & Casualty Homeowners Insurance

No one feels the level of urgency like homeowners waiting on their insurance companies to provide homeowners’ insurance compensation after damage occurs to their home or property. In many situations, you need the funds promised to you under your home insurance policy to repair the damages to your home and get on with your life. […]

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