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Hurricane Isaac

Best Hurricane Preparedness Tip: Protect your Windows

Each year as hurricane season approaches, homeowners in Florida get their homes ready for the worst, while public adjusters in South Florida prepare to step into action in the event a tragedy hits home – literally. As a Florida homeowner, there is a 99% chance that you have searched online for hurricane preparedness tips that include bringing all lose debris indoors or into the garage, making sure that you have plenty of flashlights, and stocking up on bottled water and canned foods. However, the very best hurricane preparedness tip is the one that will safeguard your home from other major damage – protecting your windows.

Hurricane Isaac

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters have extensive experience handling residential and commercial hurricane damage insurance claims. On top of making sure that you are fully equipped to file a property insurance claim, our public adjusters in South Florida know that protecting your windows is the best hurricane preparedness tip for home and business owners.

Why is it so important? Once a window is broken, the wind blows glass and debris inside, causing damage to the inside of your home. Once a window breaks, it also sends high mph winds swarming in your home, which is enough to put upward pressure on the roof and send it flying. After your roof has been torn off, the walls do not have as strong of a foundation and can collapse, thus leaving your home or commercial property destroyed.

Invest in window and door hurricane shutters. You may see some homeowners taping their windows; however, tape won’t do anything other than help try to keep the glass from flying into your home if it is hit. The South Florida public adjusters at Advocate Claims suggest that you invest in hurricane shutters. While they can be costly, they are mandatory for most Florida homeowner’s insurance policies. On the bright side, you can use them as a tax write-off, and in the event that you have to file a hurricane damage insurance claim, not having them cannot be used against you.

Advocate Claims is an A-rated, BBB accredited public adjusting agency in South Florida that offers no recovery-no fee services and no obligation consultations. Contact us today to go over your homeowner’s insurance policy, and to familiarize yourself on how to file a hurricane damage claim.


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