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BREAKING NEWS: Advocate Claims is Now Part of the iPrep Network

Alert: Florida Property Managers, Community Management Companies & Condominium Associations 

Advocate Claims is very pleased to announce that we are now a part of the iPrep Network. iPrep, which stands for Insured Property Readiness Evaluation Program, works to proactively prepare commercial properties and condominium associations for insured losses.

When you think about commercial property insurance, you may assume that simply having a policy means that you’ll be sufficiently prepared in case of a disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, burst pipe or vandalism.  However, that’s not always the case. Insurance companies are skilled at finding ways to withhold the full amount of compensation to which you’re entitled. So while an insurance policy can protect you from various forms of loss, most commercial property owners today need additional protection — from the insurance companies themselves.

The iPrep Network helps commercial property managers and condo associations prepare for the future possibility of insurable loss, which is a little like getting a health checkup on your property. The Network can fully document the condition your property, help you review your insurance policy to make sure that you have the type and level of coverage you need and maintain all necessary documents (such as association minutes) in case you need them after a major loss.

In addition, iPrep assists commercial property owners, property management companies and condominium associations in making sure they have the type and level of coverage they need, identify potential loopholes insurance companies tend to use to avoid paying out a claim in full and have the proper remedies to be proactively prepared. This has become a valuable tool for property owners across Florida and the United States, giving them a network of independent professionals consisting of attorneys, engineers, general contractors and public adjusters.

Ensuring that you have the type and level of coverage you need helps to prepare you to deal with property damage, and the iPrep Network can prepare you to deal with the often-unfair tactics of insurance companies when it comes to large losses.

There is nothing worse than seeing property owners who have responsibly insured their business and commercial properties, only to lose out on the compensation they deserve due to loopholes and technicalities. The iPrep Network is there to keep your insurance company honest and to help you receive the payout justified under your policy.

By working with the iPrep Network, Advocate Claims is even better prepared to help you and your business when you need it most. It’s another effective tool in our arsenal as we stand up to insurance companies and help businesses, commercial property owners and condo associations across Florida file insurance claims after experiencing significant damage to their properties.

The public adjusters at Advocate Claims serve homeowners, business owners and condominium associations across Florida. To learn more about the iPrep Network, call us at 1-954-369-0573 or contact us online. 

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