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The Truth about Florida Hurricane Season Myths

There’s little doubt that hurricanes are extremely dangerous for Florida home and business owners, but what many people fail to understand is that just a little bit of misinformation can make these storms even more dangerous.

With Florida hurricane season quickly approaching, being able to sort out fact from fiction can mean the difference between life and death. Below we’ve outlined some of the common hurricane-related myths, which we are also busting:

Myth: Opening a window can prevent your house from exploding

This is a dangerous myth that can lead to severe property damage in Florida. By opening a window, you make an entryway for fast-moving air and debris, which can cause damage, injury or even blow windows and doors outward, leaving you and your home exposed to the elements. Be sure to close all windows and doors if a hurricane is approaching.

Myth: Taping your windows can keep them from breaking

The only thing taping your window does is prevent shards of broken glass from scattering once your window breaks. However, if you are actually aiming to prevent your windows from breaking in the first place, you are better off using that time boarding them up instead.  

Myth: Protecting your home from hurricane damage is expensive

This is a common myth. Most people believe that securing a home against hurricane damage can exceed $10,000 in construction fees and materials. In fact, most homes can be thoroughly strengthened for prices as low as $1,000. This might be a good investment, especially if you live in a region of the world prone to hurricanes.

Myth: Homeowners’ insurance will protect you from flood damage

This is a costly misunderstanding. The fact is that most homeowners’ insurance does not cover flood damage at all. Homeowners in hurricane-prone areas are encouraged to purchase separate flood insurance to protect themselves — and never assume that this type of damage is covered in their insurance policies.

Myth: You only need to evacuate when wind speeds of a hurricane reach a certain severity

This is simply untrue. There are several dangers presented by hurricanes that have nothing to do with wind speeds, namely flooding. Storm surges also pose a tremendous threat, as the severity of a hurricane is often unpredictable.

Florida homeowners whose properties are damaged by hurricanes or other issues should immediately contact a public adjuster, once it is safe to do so. These professionals will work to get you fair compensation from your insurer to cover the costs of repairs or rebuilding.

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