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Laminate Flooring

What Kinds of Flooring Have High Cancer Rates? Are They in Your Home?

In February, Bloomberg addressed the statement made by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention against Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc.; the first of the two mentioned claimed that Lumber Liquidators’ flooring was tested for formaldehyde and found to have three times the risk of causing cancer than previously reported. According to the statement, U.S. regulators reversed their findings due to miscalculations like using incorrect ceiling heights, which lowered the amount by about three times the airborne concentration.

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters in South Florida are licensed, A-rated BBB accredited public adjusters who put the policy holder first, and were shocked to find out that the estimated risk of tumors is six cases to 30 cases per 100,000 people. According to the previous report, only two to nine cases per 100,000 people had risk of tumors.

Formaldehyde is a naturally-occurring, colorless, flammable chemical that is commonly used to make certain building material and household products. However, it is toxic to animals and harmful to humans, especially if they have asthma or bronchitis. The South Florida public adjusters at Advocate Claims recommend replacing the wood in your home if you purchased it from Lumber Liquidators, as well as laminate flooring from the company in California, as it has been found to have amounts of formaldehyde that is above regulations.

In order to keep home and business owners safe, Steven Venook at Advocate Claims has the following information regarding the kinds of flooring that have high cancer rates:

– Laminate flooring – Regardless of where your laminate flooring is from, you should make sure you research the brand and check the CDC website for information on its formaldehyde percentage.

– Cabinets, furniture, and curtains – These also contain formaldehyde, so depending on how much you have in your home, it is best to stay away from laminate flooring that would only increase the concentration.

– Wood flooring – A great deal of wood flooring contains formaldehyde; you should find one with a rating classification of EO, which is based on measuring 0.5mg per liter and below.

For more information or questions regarding flooring and how to check classifications, feel free to contact us.