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Study: Repeat Offenders: How the Insurance Industry Manufactures Crises and Harms America

The first definitive expose of 35 years of manufactured insurance crises.  So far there have been three.  We document how this industry is now creating a fourth. Imagine an industry that sold a product which every person and business in America needed.  This product was so important that the industry could literally threaten the economy…

Insurance Claims Can Not Legally Be Adjusted by General Contractors, Roofers And Restoration Companies

If you are property or homeowner that has just been through the devastation of a tornado, hailstorm, the recent wildfires or other natural disaster be sure to have a public adjuster on your side. Many people don’t realize what our role is and how it is we help you. Although it is the responsibility of…

Public Adjuster Help You To Maximize Your Property Damage Insurance Claim

For homeowners and commercial property owners, building structural damage is a serious issue to deal with.The handling of a structural insurance claim is a complex process. Public adjusters can be instrumental in helping you to maximize your property damage insurance claims recovery. Role of the Public Adjuster A public adjuster is essentially insurance claims professional…

Public Adjuster in South Florida helps you to file your Insurance Claim and maximizes it

As a property owner, you would probably agree that one of your greatest causes for anxiety is when structural damage to your physical holdings necessitates the filing of an insurance claim. Despite the amicable “courtship” you might have experienced when choosing your homeowners insurance company, deep down you know that everything they did was to…

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