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Protect your Florida Home from a Vandalism Insurance Claim

Vandalism to both private and public property is a problem whose annual cost across the United States well exceeds $25 billion. Most vandals are young people who with no connection to the property they’re vandalizing. When comparing insurance policies and coverage, vandalism coverage is often overlooked. Ask your public insurance adjuster what the vandalism portion…

Does ‘Florida Hurricane Insurance’ Actually Exist?

Although there is not a set type of Florida hurricane insurance that can be bought, there are still ways to protect your home from hurricane damage. After devastating storms like Andrew, Katrina, and Sandy, homeowner’s insurance policies have started introducing a hurricane deductible. Unlike other insurance policies, hurricane deductibles usually are assessed in percentages, and…

Gambling with Your Parkland Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

As a homeowner you likely trust that your Parkland homeowners’ insurance policy was fully explained to you, that it hasn’t changed over time and that it offers adequate coverage in case of a disaster. However, studies show that most policyholders don’t periodically review their policies, and in fact may not even be sure of their actual…

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