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Why Won’t My Insurance Company Pay My Claim?

Why Won’t my Insurance Company Pay My Claim? A quick Google search shows that you are not alone in asking that question.  There are nearly 45 MILLION results discussing exactly that, and likely as many reasons why insurance companies think they do not have to pay your claim.  It can be easy to see why.  […]

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Will My Rates Go Up if I File a Claim?

Will My Homeowners Insurance Rates go up if I File a Claim? Many homeowners across Florida worry that simply filing a claim after years of having insurance coverage, will cause an increase in their Homeowners Insurance Premiums.  Regretfully, the fear is legitimate for Floridians.  Thankfully, there are ways to avoid problems and expensive increases in […]

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Mold & Water Damage in Florida

Mold & Water Damage Insurance Claims in Florida – Hire a Public Adjuster, Early!  Florida’s humidity and rain create the perfect Petri dish for the creation and growth of toxic and damaging mold, as well as general water damage. Florida insurance companies know this peril is more common than any other claim, and have made […]

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Why You Need a Florida Public Adjuster When Filing a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

If you are like most people, you have a homeowner’s insurance policy that you are unfamiliar with. But what if you have a fire, flood, or some other disaster that forces you to call your insurance company and make a claim? Do you know the proper steps to ensure that you get fully reimbursed? When […]

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Things to Know About Your Florida Home and Flood Insurance

If you are new to Florida, welcome! The good news is you moved to Florida where the weather is bright and sunny 95% of the time. The bad news is, we get hurricanes and lots of rain that can cause flooding. FEMA has designated the entire state of Florida as a flood zone. If you […]

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3 Things Your Florida Homeowners Insurance May Not Cover

When you think of your homeowners’ insurance policy, do you assume that if an item is in your home it is covered? If you said, ‘yes’, you might be wrong! It turns out, not everything in your home is necessarily covered by your standard homeowners’ insurance policy. Many people have the standard furniture, electronics, and […]

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Turkey Frying Safety Tips for Your Florida Home

Thanksgiving is drawing near. Time for friends, family, and good eats! It is important to remember that with lots of people and lots of cooking, can come lots of chaos. If you are frying a turkey make sure that you are extra careful, especially if there is a lot of people at your home. Fried […]

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When Your Florida Business Grows

Is your Florida business growing? Perhaps you have outgrown your current space and are moving to a new one or you are upgrading your business equipment to keep up with innovations in technology to better serve your customer base. Whether you are upgrading or downsizing your business, your commercial insurance policy needs to reflect any […]

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Protect Your Florida Home From Vandalism on Halloween

Halloween is typically a fun night for people of all ages, but this one night can cost you hundreds if your home is vandalized. Statistics have shown that crime on Halloween has increased from 22% to 44% since the 2000s. Halloween is the one holiday of the year where ‘tricks’ or pranks can turn into […]

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3 Disaster Preparation Tips for Florida Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, do you take regular stock of your inventory and supplies on hand? Most businesses do. What if you sell a service? Do you have an inventory of your business equipment, furniture, fixtures and the like? Most businesses don’t. Nobody thinks about the desks they sit behind, the chairs they sit […]

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